Eco Village Boračko lake makes your stay an unforgettable experience, and in addition we have the possibility of organizing a series of activities according to your wishes and needs.
In addition to all the activities that Eco Village Boračko lake offers to their guests, we organize a number of special offers such as:

  • TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM & FAMILY DAY – This type of “vacation” is tailored for the companies and families who want to spend an active holiday in the fun, competition and better knowledge of employees and their families.
    Good teamwork also improves motivation, communication and profitability. Relations in the workplace will best improve their integration into the team building programs.
    The programs are tailored to the needs and aims of your team, depending if your team is under stress, if you want to improve communication within the group, to develop team awareness and mutual trust and cooperation, if you want to create a new team, you want to make your team more successful, or just want to leave your office and spend some time together in relaxing and convivial atmosphere.
    Together we will make a team building & family day program tailored to your employees and your company.

  • RAFTING ON THE NERETVA – If you love adventure, river, adrenaline rush and socializing, if you love to spend your free time in a new and exciting way? Rafting on Neretva you have to experienced! Neretva is a mountain river that springs to an altitude of 1,095 meters below the mountains Zelengora and Lebršnik. In the canyon upstream from Konjic Neretva is suitable for rafting. Track length for rafting on the Neretva from Glavaticevo to Konjic is approximately 23 km. To the atmosphere contributes a beautiful canyon Rakitnica and waterfalls, which can be seen during the rafting descent. Rafting ends at the village Džajići 4 km from Konjic. Eco Village Boračko lake organizes for their visitors one day rafting and overnight rafting. For this unforgettable adventure full of adrenaline Eco Village Boračko lake has all the necessary equipment (helmet, life jacket, neoprene suit – if it is necessary, slippers, a barrel for personal belongings, a certified professional skipper, transport from the base to the starting point).

  • SPORT ACTIVITIES & SPORTS CAMP – Sport, socializing, recreation and play in nature are integral part of relaxation and escape from the fast and stressful everyday life. The complex Eco Village Boračko lake offers to their visitors a range of sports activities, such as large and mini football field, volleyball on the sand and grass, table tennis, climbing rope, darts, billiards, equipment for kayaking, bike, adrenalin park and many other activities that are adapted for the sports camp. Lovers of fishing we specifically allocated private lake with trout.

  • SCHOOL IN NATURE – in addition to the numerous offers Eco Village Boračko lake is organizing the school in nature for all ages of children. For children school in nature is an unforgettable experience that they will remember for a lifetime, and many children have their first encounter with some animals experienced right here.

  • DAY TRIPS AND VISITS- Eco Village Boračko lake in addition to numerous activities organizes many tours and visits such as visits to Međugorje, one of the most famous Roman Catholic shrine, visits to ARK Tito’s bunker in Konjic, visit to Jablanica and complex “Battle on Neretva”, visits to Lukomir the most secluded village in Bosnia to almost 1.500 meters above sea level, visits to hometown of Aleksa Šantić Mostar and his “legendary” Old Bridge, and a visits to Sarajevo and their fragrant Baščaršija.