As part of the Eco-village Boracko Lake, next to the lake, there is a modern campsite area of 10,000 square meters for camping and nature lovers. Camp has a capacity of 150 seats, with electricity, bathrooms with warm water (18 toilets), and free WI-FI internet connection. Camp is a separate unit within the Eco-village Boracko Lake, which guarantees peace, privacy, full delight, charm and beauty of Boračko Lake.
Campsite guests have many options available like: private pontoon beach, summer kitchen, laundry room and dumping of fecal waste in waterproof septic tank, as well as sports facilities for small and large football, beach volleyball and lawn, table tennis, bicycles and others.
Guests can use the restaurant which offers outstanding delightful gastronomic specialties of local cuisine, as well as a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks.
More than 10 years of successfully organizing rafting on the Neretva, whose starting position is only 10 minutes drive from the camp (see section “Rafting”). Also, we organize optional excursions in the nearby area. We recommend visits to the ARK (Tito’s shelter in Konjic, 30 minutes drive from the campsite), the village of Lukomir (over 500 years old), ski mountain resort Rujiste, Mostar, Blagaj, Kravica, Medjugorje, Neum, Sarajevo and others. Excursion offer and prices on request.
Camp is visited every year by many guests from the region, but also from other European countries. We are proud member of ADAC and ASCI, which guarantees a high level of accommodation and services to the highest quality standards. Auto camp has 24-hour video surveillance and physical protection. Experience an unforgettable stay in the campsite at Lake Boracko.















Prices for Auto Camp (day stay) are shown in the table below:

AUTO KAMPER                  6,00KM / 3,00 8,00KM  / 4,00
CAR                  5,00KM / 2,50 7,00KM  / 3,50
MOTORCYCLE                  5,00KM / 2,50 7,00KM  / 3,50
TENT                  6,00KM / 3,00 8,00KM  / 4,00
PERSON                    7,00KM / 3,50 9,00KM  / 4,50
EL. ENERGY                  5,00KM / 2,50 7,00KM / 3,50


For children under 7 years the stay is free of charge. For children aged 7-12 stay is paid 50% of the price for adults.

Tourist tax is 2,00KM (1,00EUR) per person and is not included.

Note: Pets are allowed to stay in the camp.
The camp is open from 01.05. to 01.10.2017.


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